• September 19, 2021

Explaining Masha’s Lore in Mobile Legends, A Human-Bear Hybrid

Masha is the only hero in Mobile Legends with a unique ability, she has three layers of health bar. She also has the appearance of a human-animal that enables her to scratch her enemies. What makes Masha a human-animal? To sate your curiosity check the explanation down below.

Masha’s Lore in Mobile Legends

In a country in the far north called Nost Gal, a place where it’s snowing all year long. The place is also known as the closest place to Frozen Sea. In the long history of Nost Gal, there’s a mythical bear.

In the early Nost Gal, there are thousands of bears alive and fighting with people from Nost Gal. With the help of the bears, they can survive in a place of snow and ice. Then there’s Masha, who comes from a family of a famous hunter. She can speak with bears. She thinks that bears’ passion to fight without giving up is Nost Gal’s spirit.

People of Nost Gal found ancient “ Animal Power” from the bears, that they believe helped the bears protect themselves and live a long life. To gain this power the people of Nost Gal begin killing the bears and as a result, it caused a war with the bears. King of Bears believed that the people from Nost Gal no longer respect the bears. He led the Bears to fight and attack Nost Gal.

The friendship between Nost Gal and the bears is destroyed. Masha knows how important the bears are for people of Nost Gal. She saves the bears alone and helps them back to King of Bears. This enrages people of Nost Gal. The deiced to slaughter the bears and capture Masha. But the King of Bears knows this plan and decided to punish the people of Nost Gal by unleashing ancient bear power to transforms the people that attack the bears into “Bear-Human Hybrid”

Masha watches her family die. She decided to stop the bears’ invasion and run away from Nost Gal. She wanted to end the conflict between Nost Gal and the bears. But she’s too weak to fight against the king of bears. Many of the bears follow their king and attack Masha. She stood her ground and tried to find a way to beat the king of bears.

She used her power to communicate with the bears and make the bears fight each other. When the chance is present, Masha fought back and beat the king of bears.

Masha can beat the king of bears, but the power of the king will hit the innocents. So she decided to protect the innocents. She let the king hit her.

The king of bears stops the attack when it saw Masha hurt and finally forgive the people of Nost Gal. It helps Masha recover with ancient powers, which also gave her 3 lives. The king also promises to Masha that there will be no wars between the bears and Nost Gal. Masha is the only human to have bear powers that she used to protect Nost Gal. Finally, Nost Gal and the bears live in harmony again.

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