• September 19, 2021

Tips to Find a passion project

You don’t have to love all your co-workers, but you should make an effort to become friends with at least one or two.

“There tends to be a high correlation between work fatigue or losing interest in your work and isolation and loneliness,” said Eli Howayeck, career coach and founder and CEO of Crafted Career Concepts.

Having a close confidant, lunch buddy or other trusted friend in the office can transform your attitude toward your workday. “It provides an outlet for safe and confidential discussions, allowing you to talk about concerns or analyze management actions or communications without being perceived as a gossiper or alarmist,” Howayeck said.

Who better to share your work woes with than someone who is also in the trenches? They can validate or challenge your feelings and perceptions with inside knowledge not available to most of your friends and family. Above all, they provide a friendly face to visit with during lunch or share a cup of coffee with in the break room on a particularly stressful day. Sometimes a bit of friendly human contact is all we need to carry us forward.

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Have you always wanted to start a mentorship initiative at your company or introduce a recycling program to the office? A passion project may be exactly what you need to pull yourself out of a professional rut. This side project, which may fall outside the scope of your job description, can serve as an outlet for creative energy and help you develop leadership skills, all while providing a new service to your organization.

“The enjoyment you get from this, even if it’s not your primary duty, will make the workday more engaging and fun,” said Howayeck.

Howayeck points out that the only catch is you need to be performing in your actual job before you can take on a passion project. You also must consider the resources you’ll need, the time commitment and what buy-in is required from your manager.

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